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  A properly located, constructed and maintained well provides a safe, dependable and economical source of water. On the whole, North Carolina's ground water is of very high quality. In some areas of our state, ground water is the only source of fresh, clean water that is available. More than half of the citizens in our state rely on ground water as their sole water source. Ground water pollution is ofter confined to the well itself and is a result of improper location, construction or maintenance. However, local pollution of the ground water resource can occur as a result of improperly constructed and maintained septic systems, municipal  and industrial waste lagoons, chemical stock piles, petroleum storage facilities, and other similar sources.
  Dependable, certified well contractors can prevent many water quality or pollution issues for the homeowner by properly locating and constructing a well in accordance with local, state and federal rules, All Well Contractors must be individually certified each year with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in order to construct, repair, alter or abandon wells in North Carolina.
  A Certified Well Contractor must be on-site during the construction, abandonment, repair or alteration of any well.
  Without a current certification, it is illegal to perform well contractor activities and/or for a person to advertise as a Well Contractor..

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