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  • Questions to  Ask Your Prospective Well Contractor                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Is  the Well Contractor certified with the state ? Have the well driller show you his individual certification card.Check the expiration date to make sure it has not expired. You may also check the Groundwater Section web page or contact the Groundwater Section Central Office to determine the contractor's certification.

Does the well drilling company install the pump and connect the lines to the house ? Well drilling companies may perform the installation or it may be subcontracted. Regardless of who performs the work , pump installation must be performed by a North Carolina Registered Pump Installer.

Does the certified Well Contractor on-site have experience installing wells in your area ? Although a competent well driller should be able to successfully install a well in most areas, familiarity with the local geology and ground water resource will help ensure a productive and properly installed well.

     For questions concerning the regulations or information regarding the Well Contractor ,please contact the Groundwater Section Regional Office which is located at 225 Green St., Suite 714,Fayetteville, NC 28301 (910) 486-1541

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